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Just Goats Pottery
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About the Artist

Hi, my name is Didem and when it comes to pottery, I only make those featuring goats.

People often ask me, why goats? I picked goats as my subject because they embody attitude, personality, goofiness and fierceness. They're joyful, irreverent and a little bit devious. I can't think of a better group of muses. I have been trained in watercolor for many years, and I switched to pottery as a way to make usable art.

In my non-art making time, I am a seasoned geneticist. While I don't do genetics experiments in the lab anymore, my experimental spirit lives on in my pottery.

Stay tuned on my up to date work on my Instagram!

(Photo credit: Portrait by Clara Rice, product photos by Giuliano Manno)

Meet me at a craft fair!

West Coast Craft Winter - November 19-20 Fort Mason SF